Integrated Report 2020

Social commitment during the pandemic

Support for the national health service

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic transformed the world we knew. The word „change” took on an entirely new meaning in early 2020, all aver the world. We suddenly needed to start operating in new, previously unknown conditions. At BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. – due to the scale of our enterprise and a sense of social responsibility – we were instantly aware that we would need to get involved in the fight against the pandemic. As the Bank for a changing world, we wanted to support Poles during this time of difficulty. Our priority was to provide aid for the national health service.

We financed 2,000 SARS-CoV-2 tests as part of the „Badamy-Wspieramy” project, thanks to our cooperation with Warsaw Genomics, ALAB Laboratoria and the Diagnostyka Group. In addition, the Bank purchased 20 thousand protective masks, which were delivered to medical centres.

The Bank also made a donation to support the development of a fundraising tool for hospitals: The WdS system is a free platform that provides information about the needs of hospitals and thus lets donors find out what is really needed.

We were also involved in preparing meals for medical workers. The cooks of the Paribar canteen at our Warsaw Kasprzaka location prepared meals and regularly delivered them to employees of the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw. The Bank’s support was also available to medics from the Sochczew Hospital, who received meals prepared at Leszno Palace, at a restaurant which belongs to the Bank’s subsidiary – Campus Leszno Sp z o.o.

The total value of meals delivered by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. to medics from the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw and the Hospital in Sochaczew amounted to PLN 155 thousand.

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. was also involved in the #hot16challenge2, a nationwide aid campaign. Participants recorded a short song and nominated another person, company or organisation. The campaign was accompanied by an online fundraiser which helped the health service in the fight against coronavirus. Both nominees and the audience could make donations.


2 thousand

SARS-Cov-2 tests for medical personnel financed 


20 thousand

safety masks donated to the national health service 


155 PLN thousand

total value of meals delivered to medics from the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw and the Hospital in Sochaczew 

Support for social partners

We are aware that the pandemic has transformed the lives of many. Senior citizens are a particularly vulnerable group due to age-related health issues. Therefore, in 2020, we decided to support them in cooperation with the “Little Brothers of the Poor” Association, to whom BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. donated PLN 15 thousand. The donation funded Easter baskets which contained essential food products and which were distributed among the elderly who suffer from loneliness and illness.

As a strategic partner of the “Wiosna” Association’s “Noble Gift” campaign, the Bank supported the organization in providing assistance to those in need, especially by promoting the „Good Words – Help for Seniors” infoline project, which helps the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project provides seniors with the support of specialists – psychologists, therapists and volunteers. The line is operated by Dr. Barbara Smolińska’s team from the “Pracownia Dialogu” Psychological Aid Foundation.

The epidemic is particularly difficult for cancer patients. Necessary treatment at a hospital may carry the risk of infection and sometimes the continuity of treatment is endangered. We therefore decided to support the “Alivia” Foundation’s fundraiser for the purchase of protective gear for oncological patients. The BNP Paribas Foundation donated PLN 20 thousand. As a result, the “Alivia” Foundation had sufficient funds to provide cancer centres with the necessary supplies, including protective masks, disposable gloves and aprons, disinfectants, as well as safe transport for patients.

We also supported students who were faced with the need to find equipment for e-learning overnight. The pandemic forced schools and colleges to close their doors and urgently switch to remote lessons. Therefore, in cooperation with “Wasko”, we prepared 250 banking laptops and donated them to students in need. It was possible owing to the incredible commitment of the Bank’s IT department and “Wasko”, who serviced the computers free of charge. In addition, at this difficult time, we purchased over 500 laptops with routers (worth PLN 1 million) for students in need. It was a continuation of our efforts to counteract digital exclusion. The purchased laptops were distributed among students by the “Impact Foundation”. “Orange”, a mobile services provider, was a partner of the project.

We did not forgot about the need for psychological support. Many of us were worried about our health or losing employment. This contributed to mood deterioration and could cause depression. We therefore provided financial support to the “Itaka” Foundation’s Anti-Depression Helpline. With the Bank’s support, its operations were extended from 4 to 15 hours a week for 12 months. It is an important tool in the fight against depression, especially in times of a pandemic. Thanks to our initiative, the Foundation was able to provide 750 additional hours of telephone conversations with specialists working in the “Itaka” Foundation’s Anti-Depression Helpline. Details are available at:

The Bank provided financial support for a food collection organised by the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw. The collected products were distributed amongst those who found themselves in need during the pandemic.

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. and the BNP Paribas Foundation also supported social organisations which faced financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic. We helped, among others, the MONAR Association, which provides specialised help for addicts and is active in addiction prevention.

A group of volunteers from our Personal Finance Operations Division sewed 450 masks, which were donated to the Center for the Promotion of Women Foundation and two orphanages which our employees cooperate with: The House for Children in Szymonowo and the „PROMYK 1” House for Children and Youth in Morąg.


15 PLN thousand

support for „Easter Basket for the Elderly” in cooperation with the “Little Brothers of the Poor” Association 


1 PLN million

for the purchase of over 500 laptops with routers for students in cooperation with “Orange” and the “Impact” Foundation 


250 Bank laptops

serviced by “Wasko” and donated to children in need to support e-learning 


20 PLN thousand

for protective supplies donated to the “Alivia” foundations 


10 PLN thousand

for a food collection organised by the SOS Food Bank 



additional hours of the “Itaka” Foundation’s Anti-Depression Helpline 

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