Integrated Report 2020

Mission Education

In autumn 2020, we started the implementation of our new interdisciplinary project, “Mission Education”. It is a number of initiatives and partnerships in the field of education. Its aim is to improve public knowledge with regard to finance, ecology, security, entrepreneurship and psychology.

Beneficiaries of the program gain new skills, discover their own potential, and broaden their horizons. The program includes:

  • finance classes for children and youth conducted in schools and based on educational materials prepared by the Bank,
  • finance lectures for seniors,
  • cybersecurity webinars,
  • „Know your powers” – a family workshop in cooperation with the “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation,
  • a new series of educational podcasts in the BNP Paribas Talks series,
  • educational initiatives in partnership with the “Children’s University” Foundation,
  • webinars with WSB University.

In 2020, the commitment of our employees (including The Bank’s Local Ambassadors) allowed us to organise webinars devoted to cybersecurity and online shopping. In partnership with the National Institute of Silver Economy, we created the “GOonline” banking guide – a basis for webinars which strengthened the digital competences of seniors. We also organised a free workshop, „Know your powers”, which helped participants to discover their talents and strengths. It was the continuation of a 2019 project carried out by the “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation. This year, the workshop took place online. Each participant had the opportunity to complete a test prepared by the “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation. The exercise was inspired by the Strengthsfinder test and it provided the young participants and their families with a plan for further development.

The “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation and BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. created a harmonious cooperation. We are on the same path as both our organisations believe that that by investing in children, we can change their future and, consequently, the future of the world! The Bank's commitment to strengthening the education system in Poland works perfectly with our “cosmic” mission to empower children. With the Bank's support, our Foundation has already helped thousands of kids discover and name their strengths. It is a great achievement because the awareness of one’s talents helps one achieve better results in learning, increases self-confidence and self-esteem.”

Magda Turbalska-Martyniuk Manager of the “Know your Powers” project, “Kosmos dla Dziewczynek” Foundation

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