Integrated Report 2020

Initiatives for local communities


The Bank’s Local Ambassadors

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The Bank’s Local Ambassadors (#LAB) is a program created in 2018 by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. The #LAB program is a platform for interesting initiatives which benefit local communities. At the end of 2020, the Bank had 130 Local Ambassadors operating all over Poland: advisors, directors of branches and regional directors. #LABare involved wherever things are happening. They take part in initiatives which require expert advice or organisational support. In the past year, which was particularly difficult due to the pandemic, they devoted a total of 2,800 hours to the benefit of local communities.

  • 5th Walk and Run of Independence in Konstantynów Łódzki;
  • Webinar session during the World Entrepreneurship Week in cooperation with the Municipal Public Library in Chrzanów;
  • Collection of essential products for the staff and patients of the hospital in Zduńska Wola;
  • Collections and auctions for animal shelters;
  • Support for the residents of the Nursing Home in Radom;
  • St Nicolas’ Day celebrations for the charges of nursing Homes, schools and kindergartens all over Poland, incl. in Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Kozula.

The cooperation with NISE resulted in the creation of “GOonline” – an online banking guide for senior citizens. It is available at: The Bank’s Local Ambassadors conducted online training for students of Universities of the Third Age. They also promoted safe online solutions among seniors.

In partnership with the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Foundation, #LAB once again served as mentors for youth who carried out social projects as part of the 6th edition of the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Olympics. The competition gives young people the opportunity to gain experience in project management and to receive an international project management certificate. #LAB supported youth teams in carrying out projects devoted to important topics: ecology, social issues, combating the exclusion of vulnerable groups, promoting equal opportunities in education. During the Grand Final, which was organised as an online gala, three projects received awards, their mentors were the Bank’s Local Ambassadors from Bochnia (“100naSTART”: Golden Wolf and Silver Wolf for the best project in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship), Lubliniec (“ecoData”: Golden Wolf and Silver Wolf for the best project in the Silesian Voivodeship) and from Krakow (“Hello, this is Drought!”: Golden Wolf).

In 2020, the Bank's Local Ambassadors Program was supported by two partners - the National Institute of Silver Economy (NISE) and the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Foundation.

It is extraordinary that the employees of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. cooperate with us to change the face of education by adding the invaluable ingredient of practicality. Mentors of the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” program help young people to implement social projects by sharing their experience and knowledge. With the aid of mentors, the participants not only develop a number of soft skills, but also discover that they can really influence their surroundings. The Bank’s Local Ambassadors help with the practical aspects of project management and support our participants in their first business experiences, which gives them a great start on the labor market. I appreciate the cooperation with the Bank's volunteers, because their involvement develops entrepreneurship among young people and contributes to the development of unique social initiatives.

Ola Chrustek Partnership Manager, “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Foundation



participants of the #LAB program  


2,800 hours

devoted to local communities in 2020 


8,900 hours

devoted to local communities since the beginning of the #LAB program in 2018 



social projects mentored
by #LAB and implemented
by youth as part of the
“Zwolnieni z Teorii” Olympics 


134 hours

of online and offline mentoring 


134 thousand

beneficiaries of the social projects developed in the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Olympics 

The Local Grants Program

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At BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., we believe social responsibility means taking action to wisely improve our environment. We launch many initiatives which benefit local communities. Therefore, for the past ten years, we have been implementing the Local Grants Program. Its goal is to provide financial aid to NGOs which support their communities. Thus, we try to improve the quality of life of local communities, while strengthening our brand as a reliable and trustworthy partner. In the 10th edition, we helped organisations whose goals include:

  • environmental protection and promotion of eco-attitudes,
  • health promotion,
  • minimising social exclusion, especially among children, the elderly and people with disabilities,
  • promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening the role of women.

In 2020 we celebrated the 10th jubilee of the Program and its budget amounted to PLN 240,000. The funds supported 60 social organisations with individual grants of PLN 4,000. Applications for the program describe the organisations and present plans for the allocation of grant funds. They are submitted by branch directors or the Bank’s Local Ambassadors.

Since the beginning of the program, the Bank donated over PLN 1.7 million for the implementation of social projects, 760 grants were awarded. 



grants of a total value of PLN 240 thousand in the 10th edition of the program 



grants for local NGOs in 10 editions of the program 


1,7 PLN million

of support for local NGOs 

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