Integrated Report 2020

Remuneration and benefits


Our remuneration policy is based on transparent principles and reflects employee orientation. It refers to good market practices in the area of remuneration.

  • 401-2

It stands in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The remuneration policy is governed by the following rules:

  • The remuneration rules for Bank employees are set out in the applicable Corporate Collective Labour Agreement and Remuneration Regulations;
  • The rules of functioning of the bonus systems are defined in the bonus regulations for employees of particular business areas and lines;
  • Supervisory responsibilities in the area of human resources management are carried out by the Supervisory Board, supported by the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee and the Nominations Committee. The Committee oversees key processes and develops opinions and recommendations to the Supervisory Board regarding amongst others the conditions of employment of the members of the Board of Directors of the Bank, including the amount of fixed and allocated variable remuneration;
  • The Bank also has a remuneration policy for people who have a significant impact on the risk profile of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
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Figures illustrating the level of the basic salary of the lowest-level employees in BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. in relation to the minimum wage

Minimum wage in Poland The ratio of the lower level wage to the minimum wage:
in 2020 r. for woman for man
PLN 2,600 146.8% 147.8%

Minimum wage in Poland Average salary of the lowest-level employees:
in 2020 r. for woman for man
PLN 2,600 PLN 3,818 PLN 3,842


BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. implements the compensation review process every year – one of the important criteria taken into account in this process is to close the wage gap for which dedicated funds are allocated.

Gender Pay Gap

Following the best market practices, in 2020 the Gender Pay Gap was measured for the first time in BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. The methodology of the pay gap study used was consistent with the methodology implemented in the BNP Paribas Group. The analysis concerned the basic remuneration of active employees and took into account such variables as: business areas, grade levels, gender. Having analysed the results, systemic and dedicated actions and recommendations were undertaken to mitigate the pay gap level, including the annual Compensation Review Process, which is implemented in the Bank.

Benefit offer

At BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., the approach to the health and well-being of our employees has always been important. In 2018, with the introduction of the new benefit strategy and the BEneFIT program, we took even more conscious and long-term measures to create a friendly working environment, improve the psychophysical condition and safety of our employees, as well as their loved ones.

The benefit strategy of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. is implemented under four pillars: safety, health, work-life balance and a friendly working environment. We provide employees with access to a range of benefits, initiatives, offers, tools and solutions (stationary and mobile, implemented with leading partners in the market) that support employees in the field of health management, promote physical activity and mutual inspiration and realization of passion. Many benefits are offered in a model allowing close relatives of employees (partners, children, parents) to use them, which allows to take care of whole families and makes it easier for employees to harmoniously reconcile work and private life.

Benefit offer for employees of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

Pillar: security

  • Employee Capital Plans, under which the employer finances part of the contribution
  • Attractive Life and Accident insurance for employees and their loved ones
  • Additional insurance for school children

Pillar: Health

  • Comprehensive Health Care Program for Employees and their loved ones
  • E-medicine services and MediSpot services (special internal medicine schedule dedicated only to Bank employees)
  • MultiSportPlus, MulitiSportKids and MutliSportSenior card
  • Worksmile app, which brings employees together around their passions and sports activities
  • Health Days and wellness campaigns at the Bank’s premises
  • Flu vaccinations organised at Bank locations

Pillar: work life – balance

  • „Two Hours for Family” action
  • MyBenefit Cafeteria System
  • Co-financing of holidays for workers and their children
  • Benefits from the Company Social Fund
  • Actions and activities under the „Bank Close to Close Ones” program

Pillar: a friendly working environment

  • Corporate wellness program „WELL”
  • Flexible working hours
  • Gifts for employees’ children
  • Promotion of parental leaves
  • Crossbooking at selected Bank locations
  • Gifts for newborn children of employees
  • „Become a GPS Picasso” Summer Holiday contest with attractive prizes
  • Before the pandemic, we were one the few employers offering 8 days a month of remote work
  • Additional days of leave above those guaranteed by the Labour Code (additional day of special leave, additional two days for volunteering and an additional day of leave after the full annual holiday limit has been used)
  • Mobile app for language learning
  • Attractive discount offer for employees at many partners of Bank BNP Paribas Polska S.A.
  • Financial assistance for disadvantaged employees
  • Financial assistance for retired Bank employees
  • Replacing computers with laptops and introducing remote access to systems (the number of applications that can be used on the mobile has increased from 30 to more than 80 throughout the year)

In an accelerated manner, the COVID-19 epidemic brought everyone to a reality for which BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. was already largely prepared. The Bank has always been mindful of supporting employees in their diverse needs and meeting them in a way that will enable self-realization. Before the pandemic, many solutions for employees were already successively introduced, incl. dozens of applications and IT solutions.

In order to minimize the adverse effects of the pandemic and maximize the support for the employees, we very quickly organized a number of actions supporting the psychophysical condition, safety and development of employees and their loved ones.

The Bank prepared a list of courses and educational materials to support parents in organizing children’s time during the lockdown in March. Multisport Card could access audiobooks, e-books and many online sports activities. The Bank provided employees with telephone-based psychological support and many trainings aimed at supporting a new reality to which we all had to adapt literally overnight: webinars for managers: „How to work efficiently from home?”, or virtual development training on dealing with conflict or stress.

In the area of communication with employees, the #stayathome campaign was launched, which deals with topics related to safety rules and functioning in times of a pandemic. Workshops on empathic communication, activities for children, technological support of employees were also organized.

The pandemic has accelerated efforts to launch a comprehensive corporate wellness program that we have been working on since the beginning of 2020. The project was implemented in June 2020 under the motto „WELL”. The program is a part of our „Bank Close to Close Ones” initiative and is part of the „Friendly Working Environment” pillar of the BEneFIT strategy. This is a viable response to the needs of Bank employees, as well as their loved ones during the pandemic. The program was launched online. Its name refers to the idea of wellness – as the art of life, which promotes harmony and affirmation of happiness. Thanks to a program prepared in this way, we educate, support and give our employees tools to take care of their psychophysical condition. We help them maintain a harmonious work-life balance even with the limitations brought by the pandemic.

The program is based on four pillars of health: stress reduction, nutrition, activity and regeneration, and is implemented in cooperation with experts who have been supporting employers for many years in creating wellness programs tailored to the needs of employees and organizational culture of the company.

The program is a real help in taking care of a good quality of life and a basis for strengthening the psychophysical condition: it helps to reduce stress, calm the mind, release physical and emotional blockages, take care of the immune system, healthy nutrition, improve the efficiency of the body, encourage physical activity.

Employees have the opportunity to take part in daily classes/activities on Webex „Get up from the desk” and „Calm before bedtime” which build healthy habits. Regular online consultations by specialists: psychologists, nutritionists, sports and mental trainers, which are 100% financed by the Bank, are very popular. We also organize recurring webinars on interesting topics in the field of organization of work, health, nutrition and prevention. We invite valued experts on as webinar speakers.

All exercises, tips and webinars are recorded and placed in a digital library in the form of videos or podcasts, so that employees can use them at any time, as well as inspire family members or practice together. In the library, there are many articles on various topics – sports, nutrition, mental health, sleep, injuries, exercise. Thanks to the implemented social application, which is used by almost 3 thousand people, participants can be in constant contact with each other and keep up to date with information about the program „WELL”, share sports achievements, compete or pursue passions and develop hobbies. The application has about 30 active groups moderated by employees – from runners, cyclists, enthusiasts of yoga, healthy cooking, photography, sailing or mountain tours, to chess players and mushroom pickers. In addition, we involve management staff in activities, so that they are an example for employees and encourage mentees to take care of good quality of life.

One of the organized activities that received tremendous attention was the „Become a GPS Picasso” holiday contest. With this initiative, we conjured up incredible commitment and creativity. Employees drew fantastic drawings with the GPS track and engaged their families. The best works were awarded with recharges on the cafeteria platform and could be used, for example, to buy sports equipment or pursue their passion.

The Total Reward Statement (TRS) is a comprehensive report that aims to show each employee the total benefits of working at the Bank. The Individual TRS Report, which each employee received in 2020, in addition to the list of financial benefits, shows also non-wage benefits that employees use during the year and other benefits available to employees of the organization. These include: insurance, MyBenefit Cafeteria system, trainings, development program, as well as social benefits, subsidies and Employee Capital Plans. Thanks to the TRS reports, each employee has the opportunity to receive an individual statement of benefits from working in the Bank and to get acquainted with the full package of benefits offered by the employer.

Key figures:


over 300

Miś-Szumiś Teddy Bears were given to the newborn children of our employees (since June 2020) 



employees took part in the "Two hours for the family" action ” 


more than 4k

employees used Multisport cards 


more than 1k

close ones of our employees (partners, children, parents) have used Multisport cards 


more than 6k

employees have benefited from the wellness program "WELL" 


more than 8k

people covered by private medical care plan 


more than 9k

people using the MyBenefit cafeteria platform 


more than 36k

benefits provided from the Company Social Fund 

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