Integrated Report 2020

Employer Branding

Our organization attaches great importance to the quality of recruitment. We look for and employ employees in accordance with applicable law and the best market practices.

We want to reach the widest possible group of talented candidates, which is why we are present where they are – at job fairs, universities and in social media. We offer apprenticeships and internships to people without work experience. Employees with extensive experience are offered participation in internal recruitment, which plays an important role in the process of filling managerial positions. It is important for employees who value professional development to be able to implement their plans in our organization.

Our goal is the high quality of recruitment processes. All persons involved in the employment processes are obliged to apply the principles of ethics resulting from the Labour Code and internal regulations, as well as the regulations regarding confidentiality and non-discrimination. In the recruitment process, we place particular emphasis on respecting diversity in terms of age, gender, sexual identity, nationality, skin colour, religion, health, marital status, political beliefs and other personal preferences and characteristics. Decisions in the recruitment process are made with professional objectivity and impartiality.

Internal initiatives

As a part of the promotion of the internal labour market, we have made it easier for employees to access vacancies in the Bank and in the Companies of the BNP Paribas Group. We have created a tab in Echonet – our internal intranet, where employees can find internal recruitment rules, and offers promoted in the Bank and its companies. We have started a series of monthly online meetings within the internal labour market. These events are aimed at presenting the internal labour market and showing opportunities for development within the Bank and in the Companies of the BNP Paribas Group. During meetings with recruiters, company representatives and managers, employees have the opportunity to talk about interesting offers, get acquainted with the rules of internal recruitment and recruitment conducted in areas of their interest.

We pay special attention to building the personal brand of our employees. Two basic tools serve this purpose. One more outward-oriented – LinkedIn. The second, About Me, is an inward-oriented tool. As part of the „Development Festival”, we promoted it and showed its value to the employees. It is used not only to set goals, but also to show each of us through the prism of our skills, competences, experiences, what we would like to do, how we would like to develop. We can also indicate our preferences for further professional career there. This tool allows us to present ourselves to the organization and build our personal brand.

External initiatives

Ambassador Duo

Ambassador Duo is a program aimed at students. Over the course of two semesters they cooperate with the Bank by conducting a number of promotional activities at universities. This is an opportunity to gain experience in carrying out your own projects, acquire specialist knowledge from Bank experts and additional training. Program participants are entitled to remuneration in the form of a scholarship, and prizes await the best of the duos. The Ambassador Duo program recruits people who stand out with their energy, willingness to act and the multitude of ideas for promoting the Bank in their university environment.

In June 2020, the third edition of the Ambassador Duo program ended, and in September another edition was launched, expanded with numerous initiatives in the field of CSR and ecology.

Together with the participants of the program, we have also organized Development Days with BNP Paribas. It was a series of online webinars, thanks to which we reached a wide group of students from ten universities all over Poland. Thanks to the involvement of employees from different areas of the Bank, students had the opportunity to gain knowledge amongst others on: recruitment, time management, CSR, or data science. The events were attended by 600 students who rated the webinars at 4.7 on a 5-point scale.

In the current edition, the Bank cooperates with duos from the following universities:

  • University of Warsaw
  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow
  • Cracow University of Economics
  • Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • University of Gdansk
  • University of Economics in Katowice
  • Wrocław University of Economics

BUW for Owls (Warsaw University Library for Night Owls)

In 2020, together with the Library of the University of Warsaw, we carried out the BUW for Owls campaign, as a part of which we prepared the Green Zone of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Visitors to our stand were able to learn about offers of internships and apprenticeships in the Bank. Green Zone of Bank BNP Paribas stand was created from ecological materials and filled with juicy greenery. It included an HR area and an ambassador duo, where students could learn about offers of internships and work at the Bank. In addition, in the cafe area, where there were eco-snacks and an energy-bike, you could squeeze out the vegetable and fruit juice which you have composed yourself.

Traineeship programs

Focus on Development in Summer

„Focus on Development in Summer” is a program of paid summer internships aimed at students of at least second year of study. Their aim is to promote the Bank as an employer and to strengthen contact and interest in the offers of internships of young people.

35 participants selected in the recruitment process were invited to participate in the program, within two months (August – September), interns had the opportunity to gain banking knowledge by actively participating in the tasks and projects of the selected department. Due to the epidemiological situation, the practices took place in stationary, remote and hybrid forms. Interns had additional support in the form of mentors – colleagues and dedicated HR personnel. Each week, dedicated webinar training was provided for the entire group, addressing the following topics:

  • Personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Time management
  • Financial markets – risk management
  • Personal brand
  • How to hear what has been said
  • Design thinking
  • Mindfullness
  • Investments and pensions

The #StażJużCzas (“High time for internship”)

It is an innovative internship program whose partner besides the Bank is Google Cloud. As part of the project, six interns employed in the IT area work with us. Students work on two projects: building a voice assistant, which will be a new form of communication with the Customer, and development of a tool to automate infrastructure processes. The products that will be developed after the completion of the program will be a real support for business and Clients in 2021.

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