Integrated Report 2020

Stakeholders and relations with environment

The stakeholders of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. are all those we influence and who affect our organisation. In our activity we consider their needs and embody their opinions in our actions. We focus on a continuous and open dialogue as the opinions of our stakeholders enable us to take into account the changing socio-economic conditions in the Bank's plans.

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Stakeholders of the Bank:

  • Individual and institutional Customers: Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate banking, Micro banking, SME banking, Agro segment.
  • Our employees.
  • Companies within BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. Capital Group.
  • Entities within BNP Paribas Group in Poland and abroad.
  • Market environment: business partners, suppliers, Polish Bank Association, consumer and industry organizations, competitive environment, administration, nationwide media.
  • Supervisory authorities: Polish Financial Supervision Authority, National Bank of Poland.
  • Capital market: institutional and individual investors, Warsaw Stock Exchange, rating agencies, analysts.
  • Local communities: social partners, local government administration, institutions supporting cultural and educational events and sports, universities, schools, residents of local communities, local media, NGOs, the BNP Paribas Foundation.
  • Environment: regulatory and non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental issues.
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Main forms and tools of communication with stakeholders

  • Direct meetings and telephone conversations with our Clients. Analysis of Customer reviews about the quality of service and the services we offer. Websites, social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Cyclical employee satisfaction surveys, internal communication tools, direct meetings and conversations.
  • Ongoing contact with social partners as part of the CSR projects of the Bank and the BNP Paribas Foundation.
  • Ongoing contact with business partners and suppliers.
  • Stakeholder surveys conducted in preparation for reporting of the non-financial data.
  • Information materials and reports dedicated to the investor environment.
  • Ongoing contact with representatives of capital market institutions.
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Key partnerships

BNP Paribas Bank is guided by the conviction that in order to achieve a state of social and climate justice, it is necessary to achieve the 17th Sustainable Development Goal, i.e. to establish cross-sectoral partnerships. To effectively change the world around us, promote good practices in business, and in particular in the financial services sector – regarding the availability of products, services and facilities, as well as responsible sales, to counteract climate change, and to strengthen social impact, we undertake cross-sectoral cooperation with numerous partners.

  • Joining the group of signatories of the Declaration of Responsible Selling
  • Strengthening the cooperation with the UN Global Compact by joining the Standard Ethics Programme
  • Strengthening the cooperation with the UNEP/GRID-Warszawa Centre by joining the Climate Leadership Programme
  • Joining the Bio Food Market Development Coalition
  • Joining the international industry consortium Cool Farm Alliance (CFA), which brings together entities working for the development of sustainable agriculture
  • Strengthening cooperation with social partners of the „Share the Help” action

For more information on BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. partnerships, please visit this website

  • Cooperation with the Good Network Foundation in developing a tool for evaluation of scholarship programmes and participation in pilot studies
  • Partnership with the Friends of Integration Association – publication of a series of articles on financial security for people with disabilities in cooperation with the Bank’s experts
  • Cooperation with Our Home Association and participation in the work of the committee of the scholarship programme My Future, addressed to children and young people in foster care
  • Partnership with the Actively Against Depression Association and the SYNAPSIS Foundation in the Bank’s individual philanthropy programme „I support all year-long”
  • Strengthening cooperation with the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition by working on the „Employee Volunteer Charter”
  • Strengthening cooperation with the WIOSNA Association by working on employee volunteering as part of the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) project

For more information on BNP Paribas Foundation, please visit this website

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