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Promoting eco-attitudes and climate justice

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The Bank of Green Changes educational campaign for employees and their relatives

We are living on credit against the Earth, and the ecological debt is increasing dramatically. Combating climate change is the responsibility of all of us – governments, companies and institutions, NGOs and citizens. At BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. we believe that big changes start with us. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to educating our employees and their relatives about climate change.

In our opinion, conscious employees who understand progressive changes and follow values consistent with the organization, really contribute to fighting climate change.

Their knowledge and involvement translate into responsible everyday choices, initiating eco-improvements in the organization and its environment and dynamic development of „green” products and services. Guided by this conviction, in April 2019 we inaugurated the Bank of Green Changes program, an important part of which is an educational campaign aimed at employees and their loved ones.

The first edition of the educational campaign, under the slogan „Responsible use of resources”, enjoyed great interest among employees. During the 1st edition, 2,500 employees were involved in various educational activities – almost ¼ of the entire organization. Following its success, in April 2020, the Bank launched the 2nd edition of the campaign under the slogan „Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Lifestyle”, which covered a variety of topics including: the environmental impact of the pandemic, sustainable agriculture and food production, responsible shopping and eco-mobility. The Bank is already planning topics for the next edition of the campaign. In each edition, the Bank’s employees receive a dose of ecological knowledge – tips and ready-made solutions to help them live in harmony with the planet, learn about the causes and effects of climate change and ways to counteract them.

Employees can regularly check their knowledge through thematic quizzes. Eco-experts will receive environmentally friendly gadgets to help them implement the principles of zero waste. The Bank also encourages employees to undertake monthly eco-challenges and share their ideas and achievements. This way, we reinforce eco-attitudes among employees. As a part of the campaign, a special page has been created on the internal intranet – a repository of ecological knowledge for the employees of BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA. It contains practical guides, information on waste segregation, eco-themed coloring pages for kids, and – in cooperation with the organizers of the Karków Green Film Festival – a database of films about the impact of human activity on the environment, climate change and ways to counteract it. The program includes inspirational meetings and workshops as well as webinars. Knowledge was shared with the Bank’s employees by recognized experts, such as Franck Courchamp – creator of the documentary film „Insignificant” and Marcin Popkiewicz – nuclear physicist, climatologist, author of the book „Nauka o Klimacie” („The Climate Science”). The content partner of the educational campaign is UNEP/GRID-Warszawa.


BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., as part of its climate actions, organises campaigns to support the promotion of eco-attitudes among employees and their loved ones. In 2018 and 2019, as part of the „Let’s Connect Our Cities” campaign, our employee volunteers in cooperation with the Łąka („Meadow”) Foundation planted flower meadows in Warsaw, Krakow and Ruda Śląska.

In September 2019, the Bank, in partnership with the Our Earth Foundation and under the patronage of the Director General of State Forests, organized the #TrashChallenge campaign.

In 2020, out of concern for the safety of employees during the pandemic, volunteer actions did not take place; however, the Bank and the BNP Paribas Foundation encouraged employees and their relatives to make an individual commitment to the environment.


Key figures


More than 3,500

employees took part in two editions of Bank of Green Changes educational campaign 


More than 2,500

people took eco-quizzes during the two editions of the campaign 



ideas for improvements in the organization were submitted by employees 

Promoting eco-attitudes among stakeholders

Concern for the environment is something that BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. strives to promote among Clients, partners and all stakeholders. Following the eco-commitment of our employees, in 2019 we developed a campaign „Climate change costs money”. We try to infect our partners with concern for the environment, including „newonce” magazine and „newonce” radio, which in 2019 has developed a series of broadcasts and podcasts called KLIMAT („Climate”). They are available here.

A campaign on nitrogen

As the Bank of Green Changes, we have been supporting sustainable agriculture for years and have taken many initiatives for climate protection and low-carbon economy development. In 2020, we implemented a campaign to promote rational nitrogen fertilization of soils, as part of which we provided farmers with a special calculator, free of charge. Fertilizers containing nitrogen are, of course, necessary for crop production and the law does not require farmers to completely abandon them, but nitrogen pollution of waters from this source is one of the most significant threats to the environment. Thanks to the intuitive calculator, the farmer can precisely calculate how much manure he can use to achieve the desired results and at the same time minimize the negative impact on the environment. The tool, available on our portal, can be used thanks to the staff of the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów.

The launch of the tool was accompanied by a media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of sustainable fertilization. The Polish Association of Sustainable Agriculture „ASAP” was the content partner of the campaign, while PWR, publisher of such titles as „Tygodnik Poradnik Rolniczy” (“Weekly Agricultural Guide”) and „Top Agrar”, was its media partner. More information:


In 2020, as part of the BNP Paribas Talks project, we produced a series of podcasts under the theme „Ecology”. Our guests included Maria Andrzejewska, Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warszawa Centre and Adriana Palka, a respected runner and personal trainer. During the conversation listeners could learn more about the idea of the „Green Ribbon #forPlanet” campaign. We also hosted Orina Krajewska, who spoke about healthy and ecological lifestyle during pandemic and Marek Kaminski, a traveler promoting eco-mobility. Our Bank experts also spoke as part of the series. Bartosz Urbaniak, Head of Agro Banking of BNP Paribas for Central Eastern Europe and Africa, talked about drought, while Rafał Makowski, Managing Director of Consumer Finance Sales in our Bank, discussed the boom on the solar market. Podcasts can be listened to on Spotify and at:

Green Ribbon campaign #ForPlanet

The Green Ribbon #ForPlanet campaign, organized by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, which we joined as a lead partner in 2020, aims to raise public awareness of the major environmental challenges associated with biodiversity loss. Its aim was to raise widespread awareness that human safety cannot be ensured without preserving the richness and diversity of nature.

As emphasized by the organizer of the campaign, the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, the loss of biodiversity is not just the disappearance of one or another species from the face of the Earth. It is a risk of a whole range of undesirable side effects – from the spread of alien invasive species in a given area, through the weakening of the ability of forests and peatlands to absorb greenhouse gases, to the increasing risk of the spread of already known – and appearance of completely new – zoonotic diseases (e.g. COVID-19).

The situation we all find ourselves in now, reminds us that despite advanced development, we are still subject to the laws of nature and we should take immediate action to take the best possible care of our planet – the diversity of species and ecosystems. Only this way do we have a chance to contain the climate crisis.

As a partner of the „Green Ribbon #ForPlanet” campaign, we encouraged our employees, Customers and surroundings to take eco-friendly actions. The highlight of the campaign was the celebration of World Environment Day (June 5). By joining the campaign and the World Environment Day celebrations, we also contribute to global activities organized under the aegis of the United Nations Organization.

More information about the campaign:

Kraków Green Film Festival

We believe that by raising awareness and sharing best practices, we can protect our planet. Therefore, in 2020. BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. has become the main sponsor of the third edition of Krakow Green Film Festival. KGFF is an international festival of ecological films, which gathers the best productions from all over the world. The idea of the event is to educate and promote pro-ecological attitudes through films, discussions, panels and other accompanying events, which content value was taken care of by UN Global Compact Network Poland.

The screenings took place in six outdoor cinemas in the most charming corners of Krakow. Out of almost a thousand films from all over the world which were submitted to the festival, about 70 were qualified for the main competition. An alternative form of participation in the festival was a free streaming platform where all of the competing films were made available.

Videos from Kraków Green Film Festival are available at:

Climate Partnerships

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BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. as a responsible financial institution undertakes a number of actions to promote natural environment protection. The Bank’s experts actively participate in industry and sector events where they promote climate justice, e.g. in 2020 during the European Financial Congress our Bank hosted the debate „Air protection, water crisis, green energy – the role of the financial sector in the development of programs and tools to support sustainable transformation.

UN Global Compact Network Poland

The Bank is a partner of UN Global Compact Network Poland. As part of the partnership, it has joined the „Climate Positive” programme (until 2020 the programme was called „SDG 11 – Sustainable cities”). Within the partnership, the Bank supports UN Global Compact actions that promote green attitudes. The Chairman of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A., Przemek Gdański, is a member of the UNGC Programme Council. He also participates in the annual Yearbook publication presenting the Bank’s activities and urging consumers, companies and institutions to get involved in initiatives under the 13th Sustainable Development Goal – Climate Action.


We also cooperate with UNEP/GRID-Warszawa, which provides content-related support to the Bank in the educational campaigns and implementation of eco-improvements in the organisation. We are a member of the Partnership for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals „Together for the Environment” organised by UNEP/GRID-Warszawa. The Partnership is a response to the need to create the best possible conditions for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Poland, especially those relating to environmental issues. Within the framework of the Partnership, the Bank actively supports the „Green Ribbon #ForPlanet” campaign linked to the annual celebrations of World Environment Day in Poland. In 2020, the Bank joined the Climate Leadership expert program for the second time. It is an initiative that brings together leaders, in efforts to achieve climate neutrality, businesses aware of their role in counteracting environmental degradation.

Thanks to this partnership, we jointly and systematically support the introduction of real changes in the market offer, production processes and supply chains of the largest companies – changes which are a response to the climate crisis and the related threats.

The program is at the same time a tool for motivation and inspiration to take up specific, daring challenges.

Ten companies from very different industries took part in the first edition of the Climate Leadership program. One of them was BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. The companies were supported by more than sixty experts, with whom they worked out real solutions. We hope that in the second edition of the programme, the changes introduced by business leaders will have a significant impact on reducing the harmful influence of their companies on the environment, and ultimately will accelerate the achievement of climate neutrality.

Maria Andrzejewska Director of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. has also joined the ECO-CITY project organised by the French Embassy in Poland and UNEP/GRID-Warszawa, and co-organised by the „Teraz Środowisko” („Environment Now”) trade journal. The purpose of the initiative is to exchange experiences between cities, promote best and proven solutions, and engage citizens in these activities. The initiative is accompanied by a contest, that aims to award the most environmentally engaged Polish cities. The project promotes energy efficiency in multi-family residential buildings, popularizes best environmental practices and supports sustainable cities and communities.

In 2020, we joined the Coalition for the Development of the Bio Food Market. It is an organization established to support the organic food industry, among others by raising consumer awareness. The Coalition was established under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and initiated by Carrefour Poland, the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Ekolan association. By joining this initiative as a leader in financing the agro industry, we will be able to support farmers in the development of this market.

In 2020, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. has joined the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA), an international industry consortium bringing together entities working to develop sustainable agriculture. Our Bank is the first financial institution which has joined the group of 60 companies within CFA. Thanks to our membership in CFA, the Food & Agro sector Clients of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. will be able to use an innovative Cool Farm Tool via our portal This online calculator, which will be available in the first half of 2021, can be used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions related to agricultural production, assess biodiversity of farms or irrigation requirements for crops.

We partner with organizations and initiatives supporting environmental protection and combating climate change. Since 2017, we have supported the Association of Sustainable Agriculture „ASAP”. In 2019, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. joined the „Partnership for Climate” of the City of Warsaw. Przemek Gdański, as the first CEO from Poland, supported the „CEO Call to Action” initiative for climate justice, established in May 2019 during the SDG Summit in Brussels.

More information about partnerships between BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. can be found at:

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