Integrated Report 2020

Distribution channels


As at 31 December 2020, the Bank had



retail and business banking branches (including 17 partner branches) 



Wealth Management Centres 

As a part of a network optimization project, 236 retail and business banking branches were closed from 31 October 2018 to the end of 2020 (in 2020, 56 banking branches were closed and a one branch was opend – Kęty ul. Kościuszki 23).

In the first half of 2020 a transformation of the branch network, which begun in 2017 was continued. A new branch design was introduced, and a new customer service model based on moving basic everyday transactions to self-service channels was further developed. In total, as at 31 December 2020, the Bank has 179 branches operating in the new format (including and 161 branches transformed and 18 without changes in design).

In 124 branches, (including 2 partner branches), cash services are provided only in self-service devices.

  • As at 31 December 2020, the Bank had 51 branches with the „Facility without barriers” Certificate, issued by the Integration Foundation for good practices in providing services for the disabled.
  • All Bank branches obtained the OK SENIOR® Certificate, which confirms that senior (60+) customers are served in a safe, easily comprehensible and accessible manner.
  • The sales network for Corporate Banking consists of 9 Regional Corporate Business Centres, within which there are 25 Corporate Business Centres located in the largest business centres in Poland.
  • For the SME segment, the sales network includes 8 SME Banking Regions comprising 50 SME Business Centres, located on 37 local markets with the highest potential.

ATM and Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Network

As at 31 December 2020 the Bank had:



cash deposit machines (CDMs) allowing for cash deposits, contactless deposits and withdrawals with the Bank’s cards or a BLIK code, cash withdrawals with Google Pay and Apple Pay 



ATMs supporting only standard withdrawals and VISA or MasterCard transactions 

E-banking and mobile banking

In 2020 the Bank continued an intensive development of remote channels, implementing a number of functionalities to strengthen its competitive position, reduce service costs and improve the quality of customer service while ensuring the highest security standards.

In addition, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bank’s focus in the Internet banking system was also on providing customer support in remote access to banking services and products.

BNP Paribas Bank Polska has consistently introduced, into its e-banking offer, new self-service processes, which allow customers to fulfill their most important needs on a daily basis without the need to visit a branch – starting from the application for additional products, through after-sales service – from any device and at a time convenient for them.

In October 2020 Bank won second place in the Remote Banking category in the „Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking.

The most important changes in systems and offer for retail customers in 2020


In the area of transactions, numerous improvements have been introduced to increase the functionality and attractiveness of the system and to improve the transparency of the presented information, such as:

  •  BNP Paribas Bank Polska is the first bank on the Polish market to offer its clients a possibility of automatic collection of an Individual Tax Account by filling in a transfer form in online banking, which significantly shortens the time of PIT, CIT and VAT payments.
  • Possibility to verify whether the contractor is registered as an active VAT taxpayer – the so-called „white VAT list”.
  • Split Payment” transfers can be duplicated from the transaction history – the data of a previously made transfer are automatically completed.
  • Extension of the PayByNeT Internet transfer service with a possibility of quick transfers from an account maintained by BNP Paribas Bank Polska under the government administration services, e.g. paying taxes (
  • Possibility to suspend/resume a standing order without the necessity to delete and re-create.
  • Faster process of setting up a standing order when submitting a domestic transfer order.
  • Credit card debt repayment form – presentation of the upcoming payment date of the minimum amount.
  •  Possibility to make a transfer in a currency other than PLN between customer’s own accounts in GOmobile.
  • GOonline:
    • presentation of information about upcoming scheduled payments in the transaction history view,
    • Express Elixir transfers are counted – while filling in the transfer form in GOonline, the customer receives information about the number of free Express Elixir transfers remaining to be used,
    • GOonline users have been given the possibility to quickly and automatically verify the recipient’s account number on the domestic transfer form and the „Split Payment” transfer,
    • setting the default authorization method (mobile token).

Sales and self-service processes

  • A credit calculator which allows to analyze the offered financing conditions without the necessity to start the application.
  • The Mastercard Standard and Mastercard Gold credit card sales process for customers who already hold another product – performed online, including the contract signing stage, in two variants:
    • accelerated option – a customer receives a pre-approved credit limit offer and then fills in a simplified application form,
    • standard option – the customer completes a full application form.
  • Process for a revolving overdraft credit – in two variants:
    • accelerated option – a customer receives a pre-approved credit limit offer and then fills in a simplified application form,
    • standard option – the customer completes a full application form.
  • Possibility of adding a card to your Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile payment wallet via GOmobile.
  • Possibility of setting automatic repayment and change the credit card billing period in GOmobile.
  • Possibility of biometric mobile authorization in card transactions secured with the 3DS key.
  • Possibility of downloading PDF statements for accounts and credit cards directly in the GOmobile mobile application.
  • Management of marketing consents, the possibility of changing statements regarding marketing consents.
  • New options in notification settings, selection of products for which the user wants to receive transaction notifications. The application will inform the user about credits and debits on the account and card payments.
  • Sending policies to mortgage loans by a customer – the customer has a possibility to attach a document and send it to the Bank within the details of a mortgage loan.
  • Possibility to apply for early full/partial repayment of a mortgage.
  • Payment in instalments of card transactions pending to be recognised – Customers making a credit card transaction can distribute them in a convenient number of instalments immediately after the transaction has been made (i.e. the funds are blocked) from the history view in GOonline – without having to wait for the transaction to be registered in the banking system.
  • Processing of Allegro Renewable Limit instructions – a customer can submit instructions related to product handling, i.e.: withdrawal from the agreement, cancellation of withdrawal, termination of the agreement, copy of the agreement, drawing up a bank opinion.
  • Credit limit increase on credit cards for individual customers and Allegro revolving limit holders – the process is completely online (including signing a document confirming the limit change on the Bank’s and Customer’s side).
  • Ability to make credit installment payments and pay off a credit card/allegro limit through a payment from another Bank.
  • Presentation in GOonline:
    • credit card installment plan schedule, a service also available to Allegro Revolving Limit holders,
    • Outstanding balances on loans, credit cards and foreclosures,
    • dedicated product offers,
    • information about the account to be repaid, the balance in that account, and insurance coverage for the loans,
    • information about the status of the implementation of the next steps in the Customer’s requests for sales processes,
    • information about an active or inactive mobile payment service.
  • Execution and update of MFID assessment – assessment of adequacy and suitability of brokerage services.The process is performed in “online” mode – the results of the survey are presented in online banking, additionally, the client receives documentation to his e-mail address.
  • Possibility to enter into an agreement to accept and transfer orders regarding investment funds. § Process of opening a structured deposit.
  • Providing access to purchasing, converting and selling units in investment funds.
  • Possibility to conclude a Brokerage Account Agreement – in August, sales of agreements through GOonline accounted for 24% of sales in the Bank, in November they already amounted to 40% of total sales.
  • Investment Portfolios in GOonline – a possibility to place orders for purchase and redemption of Investment Portfolios of BNP Paribas TFI („Choose Your Portfolio” programme). This also includes the first purchase.
  • Purchasing and repurchasing of mutual funds (ordinary registers) through GOonline – in 2020, 5.6 thousand transactions were settled, where 75% were purchases for a total amount of PLN 76 million.

The process of changing the address data for the individual customer in GOonline – the possibility to change the residential, correspondence and e-mail address.

As a partner of the PFR program, BNP Paribas Bank Polska has made available to its customers via GOonline Internet banking a fully automatic process of applying for a subsidy from the Polish Development Fund for microenterprises and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Customers have the possibility to submit the application in a standard and appeal mode. The customer receives the generated documents (agreement and decision – signed with a bank seal) electronically

Individual and corporate customers as well as proxies can access FX Pl@net fully remotely – via GOonline – with no need to visit a branch.

FX Pl@net is an internet currency platform which enables quick and safe conclusion of FX transactions 24h/5 days a week. The service is free of charge.

  • Process of opening an account and signing a framework agreement for new customers – a complete process with video-verification via GOmobile. Video-verification allows to open an account without the necessity to visit a branch. The only thing needed is a phone with the GOmobile application installed and an ID card. The customer provides the necessary data, grants consent and selects the type of card linked to the account. Verification of identity is performed by taking a photo of both sides of the ID card and recording films showing the shot of the face while making three specific head movements. Modern, advanced technologies used in the application allow to compare face features from ID cards and video recordings. If the result of business verification is positive, the Customer is redirected to the Autenti service, the Bank’s partner, that ensures security of contracts concluded via the Internet. After reading the agreement, the Customer signs it using a code sent in an SMS message. Once confirmed by the Bank, the account is activated, e.g. it is possible to apply for new products or pay bills.
  • Mobile process of setting up products for new customers in the Bank’s branch. The customer installs the GOmobile application on his/her smartphone, then uses it to take a photo of his/her identity document, which is sent to the Bank’s systems. All personal data from the document is read out automatically.Then, via the GOmobile application, the customer, assisted by an advisor or on their own, at any time after the visit in the Bank branch, chooses the account they would like to open and the debit card. The Client signs the account agreement in electronic form using a one-time SMS code, received to the indicated telephone number. All documents required for the conclusion of the agreement are sent to the customer in electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The process of selling the current account with a card – a complete process for a logged-in customer. A customer with a Framework Contract can set up Konto Otwarte dla Ciebie account, together with the chosen Debit Card (one of three).
  • The process of selling a currency account – a complete process for a logged-in client. After signing a Framework Contract, a client may open a foreign currency account with GOonline (in EUR, USD, GBP or CHF).
  • Sale process of a savings account – a complete process for a logged-in customer. A Customer holding a Framework Agreement may set up a savings account in GOonline currently offered by the Bank – Konto Dobrze Oszczędnościowe account or a Rachunek Sejf account. § Presentation of sales offers on savings accounts in GOonline.
  • Presentation in GOonline of information on powers of attorney granted for accounts and deposits of individual customers.
  • Possibility to update the ID card through GOonline. The possibility applies to customers who previously had their identity card defined in the banking system.
  • A new group of customers „Samodzielniak” – A Child Zone has been added to GOonline for a Parent who opens additional bank products (account/card) for their children, with the ability to view and manage all their children’s products. Possibility to access products as a part of the Family Banking offer in GOmobile. The „Samodzielniak” 13+, for whom the parent has consented to access remote channels, gains access to the mobile application with an option to view and access products and functionalities of the child’s interest.
  • Customer Recertification (September) – providing a fully automated process to collect current personal information, address, ID card and scans from customers and complete a KYC survey through campaign banners on GOonline.

Improvements based on customer feedback

Development plan in the area of Internet and mobile banking is based on the client’s voice. Regular feedback e.g. through a customer satisfaction survey allows for more efficient identification of advantages and disadvantages of offered services and better understanding of individual customer needs.

  • New product list in GOmobile. Refreshed, ergonomic interface makes it easier for customers to satisfy their most important everyday needs such as. e.g. verification of the balance, transfer, change of the card PIN, verification of points in the mamBONUS loyalty program or sharing the account number. The interface has been made compatible with the GOonline internet banking, so the customer receives the same information regardless of the channel. Finally, the new view will enable customers to initiate the process of applying for new products, such as cash loans, foreign currency accounts and credit cards.
  • The possibility to immediately call a consultant in the Call Center from the GOmobile – „click-to-call”. The new service gives the customer logged in to GOmobile application a chance to quickly and conveniently connect with the Bank’s consultant and obtain information about products and services, omitting the authentication stage in the IVR automatic service and reducing the number of verification questions compared to the traditional connection path with the consultant.
  • 3D Touch and Long Press. Customers using the GOmobile application while holding the application icon on their phone’s screen for a longer time can benefit from quick shortcuts to the most frequently used functions: BLIK code generation, domestic transfer, phone top-up, transaction history.
  • Dedicated information section in GOonline containing, among other, answers to frequently asked questions about the use of electronic banking.
  • Possibility to send a message to the Bank’s consultant at any time – the customer can describe his/her case and send a message to the Bank (with an attachment) at any time via GOonline – regardless of the Bank’s working hours.
  • Select the default profile in GOonline. Customers with access to more than one relationship (e.g. own accounts, power of attorney, company accounts) can indicate which view should be displayed automatically each time they log in to online banking.
  • Adding to the transaction history the option to download a statement in PDF format in accordance with filters defined by the customer.
  • Presentation of historical transactions in the form of a calendar in GOonline.
  • Possibility to download transaction confirmation for new types of transactions – e.g. direct debit, commissions and fees, BLIK transaction, IKE transaction, credit operations, interest.
  • Summary of expenses and inflows over a given period in the form of an intuitive „Transaction Calendar” view in GOonline.
  • Additional languages for SMS notifications – Ukrainian and Russian.
  • Management of the notification package of card transactions.
  • Possibility to receive push notifications of transactions for all co-account holders.
  • Presentation of information about rejected transactions in GOonline. It is possible to filter and download the list.
  • Push notifications and SMS sent automatically after rejecting the transaction.
  • Push notifications and SMS sent automatically after rejecting the transaction. § Possibility of activating notifications for selected events – the customer can select events of interest regarding the products he or she owns and security for which he or she would like to receive SMS and e-mail notifications – without the need to activate a package covering all possible events.
  • Presentation of the number of free money transfers from the savings account made by a client.


Customer security is a basic element of the Bank’s e-banking development strategy; therefore, the GOonline system has been supplemented with additional mechanisms to prevent possible consequences of unauthorised access and campaigns promoting modern authorisation methods and responsible use of remote channels.

during the first login to online banking. When activating GOonline, the default authorisation method in the form of mobile authorisation is selected for customers with the Bank’s active mobile application installed (confirmation of operations initiated in GOonline via GOmobile).

Customers with an active GOmobile application after logging in to online banking receive a notification that it is possible to activate the mobile authorization as a method of confirming operations in GOonline.

with the active GOmobile application in GOonline. In case of theft or loss of a phone, the customer can remove the device from the trusted list so that the application is deactivated and cannot be used from that moment on.

Before the end of the login session, GOonline displays a message that the session has expired, with the option to extend it.

on threats regarding phishing attempts made by fraudsters posing as government or banking institutions. As part of the communication campaign, customers received messages via GOonline and GOmobile in order to raise awareness about potential attacks and to remind them of the most important security rules in the use of electronic banking.

In May 2020, the Pl@net internet banking system was deactivated for individual customers from Retail Banking segment, and therefore all customers were transferred to the modern GOonline platform (along with their existing history of communication with the Bank, transfer templates, future-dated transfers and subscriptions to notifications).

In the second half of 2020, however, further customer migrations to the GOonline system were conducted:

  • September – migration of Carrefour customers from Pl@net system to GOonline, Carrefour customers are logging into GOonline, where their products are presented in their personal profile: credit cards, instalment and cash loans. Customers who are both BNP and Carrefour Financial Services customers, regardless of the login they log in to GOonline with (BNP login or Carrefour login migrated from Pl@nety) have the same view including BNP and Carrefour products. Additionally, users of mobile application Carrefour My Finance were migrated to GOmobile application.
  • December – almost 200,000 Optima customers were migrated from Pl@net system to GOoptima, a modern system dedicated to customers from this business line, allowing among others on: closing accounts, transferring to a related account and changing a related account. A GOoptima Customer can log into a GOoptima profile with a dedicated view. A BNP Paribas Customer who also has a GOoptima Account after logging in to BNP Paribas banking can switch to the GOoptima profile.

Retail customer data

Specification Name of the system 31.12.2020 31.12.2019
Number of customers with access GOonline & Pl@net 2,891,920 2,512,68
Number of clients /of users using online banking GOonline & Pl@net 742,724 754,80
Average monthly number of online transactions GOonline & Pl@net 3,416,89 3,988,78
Number of customers/users using Mobile GOmobile 669,043 425,743
Number of customers/users using only Mobile GOmobile 415,430 220,967
* data as at 31.12.2019 includes information related to the former Core RBPL systems

Changes in systems and offer for business clients in 2020

  • Create new users directly in the BiznesPl@net system by persons with Administrator authorisation (from the customer’s perspective) as part of sales activities enabling remote access management in BiznesPl@net. Adding a user to the system is an electronic process performed via the BiznesPl@net, without the necessity to visit the bank.
  • Financial shield for companies – POLISH DEVELOPMENT FUND (PFR) PROGRAM – Since April 29th, the Bank, in cooperation with PFR, has launched in BiznesPl@net the possibility to submit applications for support under the PFR Financial Shield, over 19.5 thousand positive decisions for the amount of PLN 5.1 billion.
  • After-sales applications in the application module:
    • application for opening an account: auxiliary, subsidy, special funds, payroll,
    • a request for Customer Service,
    • a request for a change in the registration data, which is confirmed by an extract from the official register,
  • Providing the functionality of verification of beneficiaries’ accounts with the VAT taxpayer’s list, i.e. on the so-called „White List” – the control mechanism allows for on-line verification of the status of the counterparty’s VAT account and confirmation whether the beneficiary’s account for the transfer is recorded on the White List.
  • Providing a new method of logging in and authorizing transactions – Mobile authorization in BiznesPl@net (mobile token) – it enables the Customers to authorize operations performed in BiznesPl@net in the GOmobile Biznes application. Such a solution for business Customers is currently offered only by a few biggest banks in Poland. A user of GOmobile Biznes and an active mobile token will accept all instructions on their smartphone not only with PIN but also with biometrics (Android Fingerprint and TouchID/FaceID on iOS). For Bank customers this means more possibilities and a chance to choose the authorization form according to their preferences.
  • Switching off the mobile application Mobile BiznesPl@net 30.09.2020 – all users who used it were granted rights necessary to activate the GOmobile Biznes application.
  • Implementation in December 2020 of selected modules in BiznesPl@net in a new graphic layout: loans, received Mass Collect, order processing (for new applications and agreements), applications and instructions. The introduced modules are an element of the new GOonline Biznes zone, thanks to which Customers will be provided with a functional view to facilitate monitoring of business finances. The new solutions were developed in cooperation with customers. We have focused on the convenience and maximum independence of the internet banking user. We used the latest technological solutions to increase customer security in electronic channels.
  • New functionalities:
    • Possibility to manage Split Payment transfers, foreign payments, instant transfers, SEPA transfers, handling the execution of orders to the tax microaccount,
    • possibility to log in using biometrics (TouchID/FaceID on iOS and fingerprint on Android),
    • new authorization method (mobile token) – currently at the pilotage stage.
  • Changes to the execution of permanent orders – a change resulting from the applicable regulations (Payment Services Act – Regulatory Technical Standards – PSD2).

Corporate and SME customer data

Specification Name of the system 31.12.2020 31.12.2019
Number of customers with access BiznesPl@net 298,876 287,596
Number of active users BiznesPl@net 143,758 162,224
Average monthly number of transactions BiznesPl@net 5,753,859 5,606,342
Number of clients / users Aplikacja mobilna 8,357 18,522
* data as at 31.12.2019 includes information related to the former Core RBPL systems

Bank cards

As regards the issuing and servicing of payment cards, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. cooperates with MasterCard and Visa. The card portfolio includes debit, credit and deferred payment cards.

As of 31 December 2020, the number of cards issued amounted to 2,433.8 thousand and was 100.8 thousand higher than a year before. The recorded growth in debit cards is mainly due to the introduction of new products to the bank’s offers: My Premium Card (Moja Karta Premium) – issued to dedicated My Premium Account (Mojego Konta Premium) (Q2 2020), Starter Bank (Starter Bankowy) – a card offered at Shell petrol stations (Q3 2020), Family Banking offer (Q4 2020) – Adult Card (Karta do Dorosłości) issued to persons aged 13-18, Karta Samodzielniaka and Mikrokarta Samodzielniaka Microcard issued to children aged 7-13.

Number of bank cards issued by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

Thousand 31.12.2020 31.12.2019 change y/y
thousand %
Debit cards – retail customers 1,429.1 1,304.7 124.4 9.5%
Credit cards – retail customers 802.4 832.9 (30.5) (3.7%)
Debit cards – business 188.5 181.0 7.5 4.1%
Deferred payments cards – business 7.8 7.7 0.1 1.3%
Credit cards – business 6.0 6.7 (0.7) (10.4%)
Total number of cards issued 2,433.8 2,333.0 100.8 4.3%

Cooperation with intermediaries

At the end of December 2020, as regards Retail and Business Banking, the Bank actively cooperated with 13 nationwide intermediaries on the basis of outsourcing contracts for the acquisition of banking products, as well as 339 local intermediaries (based on marketing agreements).

As regards Personal Finance, the Bank cooperated with 13 nationwide intermediaries and 1 online intermediary, on the basis of outsourcing contracts for the acquisition of the cash loan product.

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