Integrated Report 2020

The Personal Finance Segment is responsible for preparing the product offer and managing consumer loans distributed through the Retail and Business Banking branch network and external distribution channels. Its offer includes the following major product groups:

distributed mainly through the branch network, the Contact Centre, the Bank’s specialized brokerage partners and via the internet, including the Internet Banking System and the Mobile Banking System,

offered to customers by the Bank’s branch network as well as the Bank’s credit card desks located in shopping centres and commercial partners with whom the Bank has cooperation agreements in place as well as through Internet Banking System and the Mobile Banking System,

offered to retail customers in stores belonging to the Bank’s commercial partners, with whom the Bank has cooperation agreements in place. This includes traditional stores, internet stores and stores on the e-commerce platforms, such as Allegro,

financing new and used vehicles, offered mainly by authorised car dealerships, second-hand car dealerships and brokers operating in the vehicle financing market,

offered mainly by authorised car dealerships and second-hand car dealerships in cooperation with BNP Paribas Leasing Services Sp. z o.o.,

in cooperation with Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o. offered by selected authorised car dealers and brokers operating in the vehicle financing market.

The segment is also responsible for the following key processes:

  • authorisation of consumer loan, mortgage loan and micro-enterprise loan applications, as well as loan approval based on specific criteria;
  • debt collection (from retail customers and micro-enterprises);
  • telephone customer service via the Contact Centre (including loan sales for retail customers over the phone) and marketing campaigns (including CRM/cross-selling).
  • Introduction of a remote process of applying for and concluding cash loan agreements via a recorded phone call
  • Significant increase in reach of cash loan availability through online and mobile banking
  • Introduction of a new Visa Platinium credit card
  • Implementation of „Pay in installments” under „Mastercard Instalments” – the only Bank on the Polish market offering this product
  • Launch of a simplified process for increasing credit card and Allegro limits, also by using e-banking
  • Launch of a remote credit card sales process for customers with access to internet and mobile banking
  • Cooperation with a new trading partner – Decathlon – in the field of credit card and instalment loan sales
  • Implementation of a new business partnership with Media Saturn Holding based on the sale of an installment loan with a so-called Banking Services Package
  • Implementation of the cooperation program with Ford: offer for retail customers and micro enterprises
  • Implementation of HRV credit (High Residual Value, financing with repurchase with high residual value of the vehicle
  • Implementation of a cooperation program with authorized Jaguar and Land Rover dealers; car loan, leasing and long-term rental offers
  • Implementation of „paperless” process in all channels of leasing sales
  • mplementation of remote application process for car loans
  • Efficient handling of credit moratoria (in 2020, over 88,000 processed applications)
  • Implementation of cash loans sale in the Contact Center chat channel on e-banking platform
  • Implementation of Click2Call functionality enabling customers logged into GOmobile application to make direct, authorized telephone contact with Contact Center
  • Implementation of an innovative process of personal customer identity (KYC) identification for credit products based on open banking solutions resulting from the PSD2 regulations

Product offer

In 2020 the Bank introduced in the cash loan area:

  • new, simplified and shortened sales process for customers with regular inflows on their accounts,
  • remote process of applying for and concluding agreements during a recorded telephone call, available in the Contact Center, and then in bank branches as well as in the Virtual Branch of the Bank,
  • extended process of automatic credit initiation, which reduced the time of the whole process by over 40%,
  • consolidation loan solutions allowing for a comprehensive conversion of liabilities into a cash loan;
  • wider availability of the cash loan in the internet and mobile banking system with a range of modifications, e.g. the maximum available loan amount was increased to PLN 80,000 and a counter-offer was introduced to increase the availability of the loan offer;
  • a cash loan multi-offer allowing, in three simple steps, to additionally sell a credit card to a cash loan;
  • promotion offers supported by marketing campaigns (“Back to school”, “Black Friday”) and marketing campaigns:
    • as part of the TV campaign „Appreciate, don’t judge” – promotion of credit without commission,
    • as part of the radio and Internet campaign – promotion of a consolidation credit without commission and with a reduced interest rate.

In 2020, in the credit card offer following were introduced:

  • a new credit card Visa Platinium with a package of additional benefits, such as:
    • no commission for currency conversion,
    • free foreign travel insurance with assistance and concierge package,
    • 4 free entries to airport lounges per calendar year, as part of the Dragon Pass service,
    • access to the mamBonus loyalty program;
  • the process of selling the MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold credit cards to customers who already have another product in the GOonline online banking system, performed online, including the contract signing stage;
  •  New functionalities of online banking:
    • the possibility to repay credit card debt from external banks,
    • Allegro revolving limit repayment process for customers with a personal account,
    • SMS notification package – a service immediately informing about potential events on the credit card account,
    • innovative „pay in installments” service under Mastercard Instalments allowing to spread the transaction already at the terminal. The Bank is a precursor and the only entity offering this service to its clients in the market,
    • simplified, fully remote credit card limit increase process,
  • credit card retention process at Contact Center level.

Currently, the Bank offers instalment loans through more than 10,000 retail partners (online and in traditional stores) that provide funding for purchases. Customers can sign “paperless” contracts, implemented in cooperation with the Autenti company (64% of all contracts was signed in this formula).

The Bank has been regularly expanding the group of its business partners of companies offering photovoltaic installations and other sources of renewable energy (RES) to individual customers. In 2020 The Bank became the leader in this market segment (banks financing RES in the B2B2C model):

  • Over 20.5 thousand finalised photovoltaic installations (since launching the product),
  • Active cooperation with more than 490 partners involved in the sale and installation of photovoltaic installations,
  • PLN 493 million loans granted in the photovoltaic for prosuments program (as at 31.12.2020, since launching the product),
  • Supported by the European Investment Bank guarantees on the loan portfolio.
  • continuation of cooperation with Allegro.
  • May 2020 – launching cooperation with a chain of sports stores DECATHLON (market leader with 60 stationary stores and a dynamically developing Internet store). Under this cooperation the Bank offers its customers a personalised credit card, which allows them to make purchases in instalments, and an instalment loan within the available limit.
  • October 2020 – launching cooperation with a new partner – Media Saturn Holding (a leader in sales of electronic and household goods). Under this cooperation, the Bank offers its customers an installment loan together with an additional service – the Banking Services Package.

The Bank encourages customers with installment loans to use online and mobile banking by providing a number of features, such as the possibility to pay off installment debt from accounts at other banks.

In 2020 The Bank continued its cooperation with Opel, Kia and Hyundai. At the same time, in February this year the Bank became the exclusive supplier of credit products, which are offered under the Ford Credit brand for retail customers of Ford’s dealer network. Additionally, by the end of the year, the Bank initiated a cooperation with authorized Jaguar and Land Rover dealers.

In 2020, the Bank introduced the following products and processes:

  • One Day Visit offer for Kia, Opel, Ford, Hyundai dealerships, allowing to drive out of the dealer’s showroom on the same day and sometimes to establish 30 day collateral,
  • the process of remote signing of a credit application with an advanced electronic signature in cooperation with Autenti,
  • the process of filing a credit application over the phone during a recorded telephone conversation for Dealers and Brokers,
  • romotional offers with partners:
    • HRV credit (High Residual Value, high residual value vehicle finance) for Ford, Hyundai and Opel with a high balloon rate and a dealer repurchase guarantee: Ford Opcje, Easy Move On, Opel Flash Credit respectively,
    • credit with obligatory CPI (Credit Protection Insurance) for dealers and commissions, brokers and Bank’s branches,
    • a 50/50 promotional credit for Opel and KIA and a promotional loan with a reduced interest rate for Kia; a 3-month and 6-month grace period loan to Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Ford,
    • new promotional offer of a loan for „green” electric cars, promotional 50/50 loan with RRP=0% in Opel sales network,
    • implementation for Ford sales network of a refinancing offer for a loan in FCE’s portfolio – F(Ford) C(Credit) E(Europe).

In addition to car loans, the Bank’s Personal Finance offers operational and financial leasing (including financial VAT Margin). Leasing is offered through a leasing company – BNP Paribas Leasing Services – for passenger cars, lorries up to 8 tons, buses, agricultural tractors, scooters, motorcycles, quads and campers.

In 2020 the following were introduced into the car leasing offer:

  • the „paperless” process for individual business activities using the Autenti electronic signature for all channels: dealer, importer, second-hand dealership, broker,
  • launching lease sales for authorized Jaguar and Land Rover dealers,
  • customer portal providing the customer with access to electronic invoices, a preview of the schedule, billing and the possibility to submit applications concerning the contracts held,
  • changes in risk policy: increase in funding amounts in a simplified procedure, possibility of funding for suspended sole proprietorships under certain conditions,
  • the possibility to offer and sell motor insurance on the PF network through a WTW Service agent acting on behalf of individual insurance companies,
  • launch of the HRV (High Residual Value) in the Opel network – Opel Flash Leasing,
  • initiating cooperation with a new partner – McLaren,
  • djusting processes according to the amendment of the Civil Code in terms of consumer protection for entrepreneurs,
  • many products offer, of which worth mentioning are:
    • promotional offer with importer’s subsidy for KIA dealers – Leasing 101%;
    • promotional offer with importer’s subsidy for Opel dealers – Leasing 102%;
    • operating and finance lease offer for Ford;
    • HRV (High Residual Value) leasing – Leasing Easy Move On for Hyundai and Ford Leasing Options for Ford;
    • launching a new offer for Opel with low RV values: Operating Leasing Promo and Leasing 100%; a new offer of promotional leasing for KIA for „green” cars with electric drive: operating leasing with subsidy KIA 100%, operating leasing Green Promo High RV KIA, new offer with subsidy for Ford Mondeo 101%.

In 2020 the Bank continued cooperation with Arval Service Lease Polska Sp. z o.o. as part of TCM product sales (long-term rental). New solutions were introduced:

  • modification of the sales platform in order to adapt it to the cooperation with car dealers and brokers,
  • launching sales of a new TCI product – long-term rental for individual customers,
  • a long-term rental sale was introduced for: (i) Kia dealers – long-term rental of TCI; (ii) Hyundai dealers – long-term rental of TCI and TCM and (iii) employees – long-term rental of TCI and TCM,
  • process of remote signing of documents with advanced electronic signature in cooperation with Autenti,
  • launching sales of long-term rental products for individual and corporate customers for new Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.

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