Integrated Report 2020

Bank’s Transformation Program

In 2020 the Bank began its transformation to Agile methodology, delegating investment responsibility to 60 initiative owners since the beginning of the year. This delegation of responsibility to a lower level supported quick adaptation of the Bank to the COVID-19 crisis. The teams reviewed their priorities in order to be able to respond to new needs both within the organization (remote working) and with respect to customers, in particular in relation to credit moratoria, the government's anti-crisis shield, opening online accounts for individuals using video verification technology (supported by Aflavox and Autenti solutions) and the development of E-Commerce solutions (KYC - "Know Your Customer" - in Open Banking).

The implementation of the electronic signature has been accelerated, with the target to cover all bank-client relationships, paperless operations for car lessees, and an offer to use the electronic signature prepared for small and medium-sized companies – all using technology provided by Autenti.

The bank also established a cooperation with Booksy, providing customers with an application for booking online appointments in branches, and accelerated all projects aimed at digitalizing processes.

In 2021, the Bank will continue transformation towards Agile. Classic project management has been completely replaced by a product-based structure with delegated budget and resources.

The coherence of the overdue management and the transformation plan will be coordinated by 5 steering committees:

  • Added value delivered to individual customers through multiple channels („omni channel”)
  • Added value delivered to legal entities through multiple channels („omni channel”)
  • End-to-end operating model, technologies and digital work
  • Data, Open Banking and the Green Revolution
  • Control and risk management

In 2021 and 2022, the Bank’s transformation will move towards full adoption of agile methodologies (Agile @Scale) for product delivery. Our objective is to further improve the time of product introduction on the market, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Main achievements in selected areas of Transformation Program in 2020

  • Introducing new products and services: digital customer onboarding via „selfie”, family banking, bank starter set, Mastercard installments, settling credit card debts via online payments.
  • Expanding digital ordering capabilities: Simplified credit limit increase in GOonline, Click2Call in GOmobile
  • Process improvements, including: a new electronic customer onboarding process, new paperless solutions for cash and lease transactions, and an e-commerce KYC process based on Open Banking.
  • COVID-19 related solutions such as the Shield and Moratorium.
  • At the end of 2020, 50% of our customers had daily banking products and the ability to access them through digital channels, while mobile transactions grew 144% y/y.

Corporate and SME Banking

  • Implement digital customer onboarding without the need for paper documentation. The current process is customer-friendly, fully digital with advanced product and service automation, integrated with the KYC („Know Your Customer”) process, and is done with the use of an electronic signature.
  • Providing customers with various functionalities within the BiznesPl@net application (e.g. providing statements, issuing guarantees or letters of credit, Customer Service Center, cash delivery, PFR – Financial Shield program). Currently, 100% of letter of credit requests, 87% of guarantee requests, and requests under the PFR program are digitally processed in the application.
  • Electronic signing of contracts.
  • GOmobile Biznes – the first mobile application for corporate customers on the Polish market offering fingerprint and facial recognition authentication. The number of active GOmobile Business users at the end of 2020 – 8,357.
  • Launch (December 2020) of the first version of GOonline Biznes – an online banking system with a new UX / UI based on a modern, open architecture.
  • Implementation (October 2020) of the LEAF consortium loan servicing application.
  • Introduction of new products and functionalities in FX Pl@net, including: a possibility to conclude transactions 24/7, onboarding of retail customers, execution of payments (incoming, outgoing, internal) at negotiated exchange rates.
  • Increase in the number of customers using FX Pl@net (3 thousand new customers) – growth of approx. 9% y/y.
  • Within RPA (robotics process automation), 107 processes were robotized. A new, robust and reliable RPA environment was built, guaranteeing further growth opportunities, increased the share of automated/robotized/simplified processes in the operations area to 21%.
  • Uploading the first application to the Cloud – Autenti’s paperless digital document tool.
  • Installation and configuration of new, technologically advanced IT solutions in the Bank’s new headquarters.
  • Implementation of the project „Electronic Employee Documentation” – digitalization of employee files and sharing them in a digital version in the HR application TETA HR.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

  • Successfully implementation of RTM (real time marketing) integration with GOonline (October 2020).
  • STER reporting portal – a tool allowing for central provision of standardized management reports for the needs of various groups of recipients in the Bank. Published management information is structured in domain domains corresponding to the Bank’s management areas.
  • Introducing the artificial intelligence-based SWIFT complaint handling system (SZREK) reducing the time required to resolve new issues to 26 hours.
  • Launching Artificial Intelligence Lab to support optimization in CRM processes.

Open Banking

  • The first open banking use case in a production environment (a KYC process for an installment loan in an online store).
  • An Open Banking HUB adapted to use external APIs has been launched and already has connections to 6 banks.
  • Development of identity delivery service (automatic verification of Agronomist portal user as a customer of the Bank with the use of the Autenti).


  • New sections in Agronomist: green changes, Agro on Heels (Agro na Obcasach), agro pricing module, agro property search module, video and online events component.
  • To promote nitrogen reduction, the Bank provided a nitrogen consumption calculator in Agronomist and conducted a nitrogen education campaign.
  • Implement solutions to support the RWA and internal capital calculation process.
  • Implement a dynamic monitoring process to quickly identify customers with worsening economic and financial conditions.
  • Implement solutions that significantly reduce the bank’s losses from operational risk (e.g., phishing).
  • Publication of the Bank’s first fully digital integrated annual report (
  • Implementation of a new advanced IT solution that significantly improved the time and accuracy of the budgeting/forecasting process.
  • Sustainable Green FTP Financing (funds transfer pricing) – implementing green / sustainable FTP (principles and process) across products: cash and installment loans, auto loans and mortgages.

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