Integrated Report 2020

„Fast Forwad” Strategy of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.


The main assumption of the new Fast Forward strategy for 2018-2021, adopted by the Bank's Management Board and Supervisory Board in May 2018, is focus on the customer and digital transformation of products, services and processes aimed at accelerating development and increasing profitability.

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Financial strategic goals, which the Bank planned on achieving within the strategy horizon, are: growth rate of the result on banking operations higher than the market average growth, ROE above 10% and C/I ratio at around 50%.

Business development is based on five key pillars: growth, simplicity, quality, enthusiasm and digitisation

The primary driver of development is retail banking. Within this area, the Bank has prepared a new offer for individual customers, together with the modernisation of digital tools (Internet and mobile banking). The range of products and services will be constantly adjusted to promote greater simplification of customers. The new acquisition will be supported by expanding cooperation with B2B customers. The Bank’s ambition is to become one of the leaders in corporate and SME banking, to become the first-choice Bank for micro-enterprises and to strengthen its position among leaders in private banking.

On the customer side, the Bank will strive to simplify products and communication methods along with the improvement of processes, especially those related to the so-called customer journey. On the business organization side, the Bank will review its internal structures and optimize the sales network.

Achieving a high level of satisfaction and thus customer loyalty will be a priority. On a synthetic level, the Bank aims at doubling the NPS ratio in the horizon of the current strategy. The level of satisfaction is constantly monitored at various levels, enabling improvement of internal processes. Additional support will be provided by systemic promotion of quality parameters in areas related to customer service.

In order to achieve its strategic goals, the Bank will take care of high retention of the best employees and support cooperation and information exchange between business units. The priority will also be to run business in a socially responsible manner, which is at the same time an element of the brand identity.

In order to enhance cost efficiency, the Bank introduces process automation by means of artificial intelligence. A great deal of effort is put into cyber security and modernisation of IT architecture. Customers will experience better integrated sales and service channels, and will receive better-suited product and service proposals.

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