Integrated Report 2020

Letter from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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Dear All,

BNP Paribas Bank Polska entered 2020 with optimism. Nevertheless, the coronavirus pandemic has posed utterly unexpected challenges for all of us. For individual institutions, for the banking sector, for the entire economy and society. Full-fledged mobilisation, responsibility, mutual concern and solidarity were the only possible response to these surprising, extreme conditions.

Thanks to the admirable involvement of our employees, BNP Paribas Bank Polska was able to very quickly reorganise, while continuing to provide uninterrupted access to services and ensuring the safety of our Customers and the team. We passed the exam as a financial partner by offering individual Customers and businesses a range of support mechanisms, such as moratorium periods on loans or participation in the support system organised by the state.

The Bank provided guarantees of the Polish development Bank BGK to enterprises and very rapidly adapted its IT systems in order to offer access to solutions from the Polish Development Fund’s Financial Shield. We also engaged in a range of social initiatives in support of the medical community, students and other groups in need.

In this difficult time, we did not put aside our on-going investments in modern technological solutions. To the contrary, this work accelerated. We used our creative potential not only to simplify services at our Bank but also to ensure that they are safer. This past year saw the most dynamic digitalisation in our history.

The Bank is supporting the economy by financing strategic investments and corporate projects, as confirmed by last year’s activity in the Corporate and Institutional Banking Area. Financing the energy transition also has an important place. The value of the so-called ‘green loans’ issued by the Bank last year was at the level of PLN 1.0 billion. This was made possible by, among other things, our expanding relationship with the European Investment Bank.

Sensitivity to environmental problems and the corporate and social responsibility of Bank BNP Paribas showed through in the appointment in the autumn of last year of the Sustainability Council. Its members – representatives of the bank’s key areas – will oversee the achievement of objectives pertaining to care for the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. Sustainability also entails the development of a diverse organisation that empowers its employees to develop their potential. This is the theme of the initiative “Women Changing BNP Paribas,” which was inaugurated by our female colleagues last year and is intended to support the development of women in business.

Our efforts last year are reflected in our financial results, which set us apart from the competition and validate the bank’s response to last year’s challenges. While we hope that this year will be better than the previous one, we can be certain that the world will not cease surprising us. With that said, our experience shows that we are ready to convert challenges into success.


Józef Wancer
Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

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